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Frequently Asked Dental Questions - McAllen, TX

Stay Informed With Help from a Dentist

Are you not sure if a certain treatment is right for you? Not sure of when it’s time for your next dental appointment? Dr. Tijerina wants to make sure that all of his patients are fully informed when it comes to their care, which is why he’s included a detailed section on the most frequently asked dental questions his dental office receives!

How often should I visit for a checkup?

Dr. Tijerina recommends all patients see him at least once every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. Routine checkups like these ensure that there are no underlying problems with your current oral health as well as confirm that your at-home care is doing enough to prevent decay and gum disease. We can also check all of your restorations if you have any.

Can you replace my missing teeth with dental implants?

The short answer is Yes! We partner with the best local specialists in order to restore your smile to your liking. Dental implants offer the best longevity and function when it comes to tooth replacement, so they are well worth a review if you need to replace teeth. Dr. Tijerina is an expert in oral surgery and more than ready to make you feel confident about your future treatment.

How can I improve my smile’s appearance?

There are many ways to remove imperfections like stains, gaps, chips, cracks, and other issues from your smile. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through porcelain veneers, which are ultra-thin sheaths of dental ceramics bonded to visible teeth. Of course, we also offer metal-free restorations, take-home whitening kits and gum recontouring via a soft tissue laser.

How often should I brush and floss?

The best way to keep teeth and gums healthy in between dental visits is to brush twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste (we recommend Crest products) and floss at least once a day. It does not matter when you perform this routine, but most do so in the morning and at night, particularly right after a meal. Be sure to brush for at least two minutes at a time.

My jaw hurts. What should I do?

It’s possible that you might be unconsciously grinding and clenching your teeth, especially if you wake up with jaw pain in the morning. However, it could also be due to an untreated issue with your temporomandibular joint (or the TMJ.) Dr. Tijerina can provide TMJ diagnosis as well as equilibration, occlusal adjustments and occlusal splints to help you manage your discomfort and reduce your symptoms.

What if I feel nervous about my next treatment?

Whether you feel mildly uncomfortable receiving dental treatments or you have moderate anxiety, our dental office can help. Not only do we have nitrous oxide for those with mild difficulty completing their care, but we also can provide oral conscious sedation, which is far more powerful. Nitrous oxide symptoms go away shortly after the sedative is removed, but oral conscious sedation’s effects can linger, so keep that in mind when reviewing your options.

Can I see you for dental emergencies?

Absolutely! The last thing you should do is put off treatment for a dental emergency as it only allows your condition to get worse over time. The only time you should go to the emergency room over our dental office is if you are experiencing severe bleeding that won’t stop or you have broken your jaw.